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I have been privileged to volunteer as the  Coordinator for Uganda, working quietly, hand in hand with Abayudaya community leaders, Kulanu treasurer Harriet Bograd, board members, and supporters from all over the US, on over 20 development and education projects. These projects are generated by the needs expressed by the community and serve the Abayudaya Jewish Community and their Muslim and Christian neighbors. I am blessed to have a family and a career that supports my participation in this work. To be honest, I prefer to do the work rather than talk about it but I have received so many requests lately I thought it was time to post some information here.

Not surprisingly, I first got involved with the Abayudaya Jewish Community through their music. One morning, I heard Rachel Namudosi Keki’s beautiful voice singing the shema Hebrew prayer to a Ugandan melody on an NPR report about the Abayudaya Jewish Community and a humanitarian visit to Uganda by a delegation from small not-for profit organization called, “Kulanu.” I ordered a tape of the radio report, learned the songs and started spreading the word about the community in my concert tours.

I finally met Abayudaya composers- musicians JJ Keki and Gershom Sizomu through Kulanu in 2001. They sang with me on my recording of JJ’s melody for L’cha Dodi for my  “Kabbalah Music” CD. The friendships built from there, but the real work began soon after 9/11, and has strengthened through this terrible, frustrating time here in the US under the Bush administration. I first traveled with Kulanu in 2002 to visit my friends JJ and Gershom and the community in Uganda, and from then on I was hooked. 
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Laura in Uganda | honors Laura | Uganda Photos | Uganda News
Coffee from Uganda

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