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The Fracking Blues

New EP Single!


Intimate, hard-hitting original ballads about love, loss and the beauty of old mill towns. 

1. Spreading My Wings 3:29 
(divorce grief)

2. If I Could Sing You Well 3:24 
(dealing with a friend’s illness)

3. Flying 5:48 
(true family story of two sisters during the Holocaust)

4. The Arbor 4:31 
(long-haul love song)

5. Open Window 2:57
(up-tempo country love song)

6. Part of the Game 4:51 
(baseball park bully tune)

7. Love, You Are A Mystery To Me 3:54
(one more chance love song)

8. Cape St Mary’s Newfoundland 4:26
(Oh, Canada! bird watching epiphany)

9. Choices 3:18 

10. High on a Hill 3:09 
(rural life mill town tune)

Kabbalah Music

Songs of the Jewish Mystics

1. Wa-eda Ma (3:32) 
Ovadia HaGer, 12th cent. Italy 

2. Kol Haneshama Meditation(5:36) Hebrew poetry vocal meditation

3. Narrow Bridge (6:00)
Reb. Nachman/Laura healing meditation 

4. Im Ninalu (1:49) 
Yemenite wake up call

5. Bar Yochai (5:49) 
Moroccan/Calcutta sephirot teacher ode

6. Respóndemos (1:50) 
Judeo-Spanish devotional

7. Klezmer Hechalot (3:06) 
Laura gets klezmer in palaces of heaven

8. Jacob Wakes Up (4:05) 
Yes, that ladder

9. L'cha Dodi (4:24) 
from Uganda

10. Shechina Blessing (2:28)

11. Yom Zeh (2:44) 
Spanish tune/ words by the Ari

12. Dudele (3:09) 
Yiddish dream duet with Alicia

13. Tkhine of Sarah Bas Toivim(2:52)
a women's view of the world to come

14. Ya Ribon (4:57) 
praise song ecstasy

15. Shalom Alechem (3:48) 
Laura's peace meditation

Songwriter's Notebook


1. HOLD ON (3:03) folk rock bad day at work lullaby

2. ANNIE (3:07) story song about a developmentally disabled young woman named, "Annie"

3. TAKEN BY SURPRISE (2:32) Americana-manic loss-widows lament

4. WONDER (4:29) folk wake up love song

5. UNION STREET (3:28) uncommon Blues tour of NYC's Gowanus canal neighborhood

6. SHADOWS (3:39) How'd we get here? love song

7. BROKEN TIES (3:11) Americana, survivors kit

8. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM (3:50) Mideast Peace song

9. DEEPER THE TOUCH (4:56) middle of a fight ballad

10. B' MAKOM IN A PLACE (2:08) Mideast, ancient text roots tune based on Hillel, 2 century, c.e.

11. THE TASTE OF YOU (3:13) late night ballad.

Again! Again! Songs for Kids 


1. Baby Quinn 

2. Poopa Doopa Doo Doo 

3. That's The Weirdest Story 

4. Huckleberry 

5. Miryam Capella 

6. Fine Misty Morning 

7. Alexa 

8. City Girl (Andie)

9. Ruby

10. Willy Nilly (Bryce)

11. Going to the Park